On Wednesdays, adults can choose from breakout sessions offered in the fall, winter, and spring that change every 6-8 weeks. Or, in the summer, adults can meet us in the sanctuary for a collective time of teaching and prayer.

Babies can play in Tiny Town Nursery, and children up to 18 years old can learn in one of our programs available.


Tiny Town Nursery: Babies up to age three.

Rainbows: Preschool boys and girls starting at age three.

Girls’ Ministries: An environment geared toward winning girls for Jesus through love and acceptance. Girls K-12th grade divided into classes by age.

Royal Rangers: A mentoring program for future men. Boys K-5th grade divided into classes by age.

*Visit our welcome center upon arrival for locations.


September 6 - October 18

Health: A Biblical View

A six week class on how to live a totally healthy lifestyle – eating, dietary supplements, exercise.

*Class hosted by Dr. Tom Carter. Held in Kidstown Sanctuary

Basic Training For the Prophetic Ministry

If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, which means that you have access to all of His supernatural gifts, including prophesy. Get equipped to: Tell the difference between Old and New Covenant prophecy—and correctly operate as a New Testament prophetic voice, learn the languages of God and hear His voice like never before, discover and develop your prophetic gifts in a safe environment, step out and confidently share words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy, and recognize a true prophet from a false prophet.

*Materials by Kris Valloten; class hosted by Joan McCoy. Held in Classroom 201.

The Leader’s Foundation

A School of Ministries class focusing on the proper foundation for leadership and what it means to have a godly self image. This is module one of 12 of the S.O.M. classes.

*Class hosted by Pastor Preston Pitchford. Held in Classroom 205