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11 a.m. service only. A celebration of new babies in our FOL family when we dedicate them to the Lord. See below for participation details.

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Participation Details

  • Immediate families only (babies with parents and siblings not aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) will be welcomed on-stage for the dedication
  • All mothers are welcome to participate in a short, on-camera interview that will be edited into a special video shown on the dedication day
    • Video shoot date Thursday, March 29
    • Do not wear green for video shoot
    • We prefer no babies in on-screen interview. We will have volunteers helping if you need someone to watch your baby during the interview.
    • Interview usually takes 5-10 minutes to shoot
    • Email for a copy of interview questions ahead of time
  • All babies will be given a personalized baby Bible
  • All babies will be given a dedication certificate
  • Familes will be gifted a free, quick photoshoot with their baby and family directly after 11 a.m. service