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Sunday, July 28 - Wednesday, July 31 at 7 p.m.

This annual revival with Evangelist Doug Eccles is a great time to invite unsaved friends and family to church. It's also a great time to refresh and empower your walk with God. Each year, we hear amazing testimonies of physical healing, family/marriage restoration, and more! Don't miss an opportunity to experience more of God!

Kid's Crusade runs simultaneously during our revival. While adults go to service in our sanctuary, children can learn about God and participate in fun activities. For kids ages 2 through 5th grade

Real kids. Real stories. Real God.

This epic African adventure engages the whole herd. At Roar, kids explore God’s goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life. Each night we will feature a kid who lives in the African country of Zambia who has seen God’s goodness in their life. Awesome—and inspiring!