Water Baptism is an awesome outward expression of new life in Christ. As Christ died, was buried, and rose again, we believe we die to our old selves when we become believers then we each become a new person. Getting baptized by water is an important illustration of that transformation. Fountain of Life holds baptisms quarterly. Check out the form below to sign up for a date!

Is baptism necessary?

Baptism is not salvation, but it seals your covenant with God. It was commanded by Jesus as recorded in the four Gospels, and it was practiced in the early church as described in the book of Acts. We believe Baptism is an act of obedience following conversion.

Do we baptize infants?

Those who are baptized must realize the significance of the act. Furthermore, they must’ve already made a decision to follow Christ. Since infants cannot do this, we do not baptize them. However, we dedicate babies to the Lord and celebrate this occasion in our church.

How will you be baptized?

In the presence of witnesses, you’ll be asked if you have made a commitment to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. After you say yes, you’ll be asked to take your hand and place it over your mouth and nose. Then, you’ll be leaned back, fully submerged underwater, then brought back up.

What do you need?

Sign up below, at our welcome center, or contact the church office at 252-335-4198. On the day of your baptism, bring a change of clothing and a towel. Remember to dress in clothing that will still be appropriate when wet (not white). We will provide a Fountain of Life baptism t-shirt that you will wear during baptism.

This is a significant and meaningful step in your spiritual life. Make the necessary preparations for your body, mind, and spirit. Consider inviting your friends, family, and unsaved loved ones to witness your new step with Christ.

Baptism Day

Check out our campus locations for upcoming baptism events. Sign up below for the next baptism, and someone from our office will contact you the week before your baptism day to give you more information.